Our football cages are manufactured in the United Kingdom and supplied throughout Europe. They are made from top quality steel and the construction is rugged to withstand many years of mobile. After manufacture all materials are hot dipped galvanised to give lifetime rust protection.

Image of a full size football cage


• A football cage consists of 20 panels
• One panel has a door and two panels have integrated goals
• Once erected the football cage is 2.5 metres high and 8 metres in diameter
• Can be erected in 15 minutes by two people
• Panels stack easily and can be transported in a van, or can be supplied with a trailer
• Simple to erect with no tools required
• Can be erected indoor or outdoor on any surface
• Use all the panels to make a standard cage or use fewer panels to make a smaller cage
• Heavy duty construction for many years of mobile service
• Galvanised for lifetime rust protection

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